ART MIX JAPAN in Niigata City | May.7 - 8. 2022

One of the largest art events held in Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture.

Holding traditional plays and performances, people can experience Japanese culture and the traditional entertainments from Kabuki, Noh, Kyogen and Kagura play to Taiko drumming, Shamisen guitar play and more.

ART MIX JAPAN  in Niigata City

May 7th(Sat) and 8th(Sun) 2022
Venue  Ryutopica Niigata City Performing Arts Center, Niigata Prefecture

To find the event schedule and ticket rates, see their official website.

Ryutopica Niigata City Performing Arts Center

Getting there from Tokyo by train
From JR Tokyo Station, take the Niigata Shinkansen (the train "Toki" or "Max Toki")
Travel time: between 1hr 37min and 37 to 2 hr 23 mins. (Varies depending on the train you take)

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