Fresh Soba Noodle Festival at Chichibu | Canceled

This event in 2021 is canceled due to COVID-19.

A food event held at Chichibu in Saitama Prefecture, known for the scenic spots along the Arakawa River. Soba noodles made with fresh buckwheat cropped in this October will be served at the festival.

This event will give you an opportunity to find how the fresh soba will taste different. 

Chichibu Arakawa Soba Noodle Festival

November 17th(Sun) 2019 10:00-15:00
Venue: Chichibu Hanami-no Sato, Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture

Official website: Chichibu Omotenashi Tourism Organization

YouTube by Chichibu Omotenashi Tourism Organization
Chichibu Hanami-no Sato

Getting there
Free shuttle bus is served from Chichibu Station (Seibu Railway 西武秩父駅) or Bushu-nakagawa Station (Chichibu Tetsudo Railway)

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