Torinoichi Market at Otori-jinja Shrines | Nov. 4, 16, & 28. 2022

Torinoichi Fair 酉の市 is an open-air market selling lucky charms called Kumade. It's been said that the Kumade bring people good fortunes and protect from misfortunes.

Torino Ichi is held at several shrines (basically named Ootori-jinja) in Tokyo, including Ootori-jinja in Asakusa, Hanazono-jinja in Shinjuku, Ootori-jinja in Zoushigaya.

Torinoichi Market at Otori-jinja Shrines

November 4th(Fri), 16th(Wed) and 28th(Mon) 2022
Location: Otori-jinja Shrines in Tokyo

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