Izu Shirahama-jinja Shrine Festival | Oct.28-30

A traditional festival held annually at Shirahama-jinja, the oldest shrine in Izu region. The 3-day festival includes various events, such as the bonfire and fireworks dedicated to the gods in seven Izu islands.

Izu Shirahama-jinja Shrine Festival 

October 28th - 30th
Location: Shirahama (Near Shimoda) in Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture

On 28th in the evening: Fire Festival is held on the beach behind the shrine
On 29th from 11:00: The holy dance is dedicated to the god of the shrine and Taiko drumming is performed
On 30th from 16:00(4:00PM): The shrine ritual "Onbei nagashi" takes place at the beach behind the shrine.

Izu Shimoda Tourist Association

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Getting there
From Shimoda Station (=Izukyu Shimoda Station 伊豆急下田駅), take a bus bound for Itadoichiki 板戸一色 and get off at the bus stop Shirahama-jinja 白浜神社。(11-min ride)

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