Tokyo Game Show ONLINE | Sep.30-Oct.3 2021

This annual tradeshow in 2021 is held online.

One of the most significant video game exhibitions held in Asia, showcasing the latest games released all around the world.

Cat Festival in Yushima town | Sep.15 - Oct.10 2021

This local event takes place at Yushima, an old town in Bunkyo-ku ward, has streets where cats often walk around at a leisurely pace. During this event, some of the shops and cafes in the area will offer specials all related to cats or Neco.

DIET & BEAUTY FAIR | Sep. 13-15 2021

Professional trade show for the beauty and health industry. The exhibition comprised with ANTI-AGEING JAPAN, DIET&BEAUTY FAIR ASIA, and SPA&WELLNESS JAPAN.

Food Market Festival at Ebisu - Kitakan Marché | Canceled

This event in 2021 is canceled due to COVID-19

Garden Place in Shibuya. 4 cities in northern greater Tokyo (Kitakan) take part to sell fresh vegetables and their local specialties; Japanese pickles, sweets, Sake, Natto, sausages, cheeses and more.

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