In case you encounter emergencies, dial the telephone number below to report the state.

To report a Crime / Traffic Accident : 110

To report a Fire, for calling an Ambulance : 119


When dialing these numbers for emergencies, you need to report the following.

1. Incident
Theft =窃盗 (せっとう Settou ) or盗難 (とうなん Tounan)
Traffic accident = 交通事故 (こうつうじこ Koutsu-jiko)
Fire = 火事 (かじ Kaji)
Sudden illness = 急病 (きゅうびょう Kyu-byou)
Serious injury =  大ケガ (おおけが Ookega)

2. The address or location where the incident occurred
Your telephone number for contact.
In case of calling from a mobile phone, keep the phone on for a while after making a report, so that the location can be detected by GPS.


In case of Fire
Alarm the people nearby by calling out loud “火事だ!(かじだ!Kajida! =Fire! ), and dial 119 to call fire trucks. If you are difficulty in explaining the state in Japanese, ask a Japanese-speaking person for help.

In case of traffic accident
If you encounter a traffic accident, call a patrol car immediately by dialing 110. What to report are;

The incident

I got a car accident.

Koutsu-jiko ni aimashita.

The location is .........

Basho wa …… desu.

There is an injured person.

Keganin ga imasu

After telephoning, stay there and wait for the patrol car to come. While waiting, it is recommended to take photos of the state, so that it helps explain the police the situation.