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Buying imported food products at grocery stores in Tokyo / Japan

If you stay in Tokyo for a few months or longer, you may miss food products that you had in your own country. Don't worry. You will able to buy those foods at local supermarkets in most parts of Tokyo. One problem is that they are rather expensive, but you can find stores selling at much lower prices.


I like imported foods myself and to save some money I usually go to Gyomuyo Super or Nikuno Hanamasa. Those supermarkets are a grocery store handling food products not for personal use but for restaurant use. So, the portion of each product is big compared to ordinary products that you buy at regular supermarkets in Japan. BUT the prices are low. They handle many imported products from many countries such as Italy, Spain, China Turkey, Thailand, USA and Canada.

There are many Hanamasa Stores in Tokyo and in the suburbs of Tokyo. Open 24 hours a day. Very convenient!
Gyomuyo Super is originally from Kyogo prefecture in West Japan, and they have chained stores throughout Japan.

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