Paying Automobile Tax and Shaken Renewal

Automobile owners, who own a car as of April 1st, need to pay the automobile tax 自動車税 annually. The automobile owners are supposed to receive a tax notice (payment slip) from the Municipal / Prefectural Taxation Office and need to pay the tax by the end of May.

The automobile tax of Light Vehicle 軽自動車, Motorcycle 二輪車 and Scooter スクーター must also be paid by May 31.


What if you put off the payment?

The tax rate is high compared to it in other countries, which might make the owners feel reluctant to pay, but delaying payment makes the situation worse as penalty fees are added on the rate...

Take an action ASAP if you no longer have any motor vehicle

If you dispose of, transfer ownership or sell your motor vehicle, or if you move out of the city, be sure and go to Government Office and submit the appropriate notification forms. Otherwise, you may receive a tax payment slip that asks you for paying it.

Certificate of Tax Payment is necessary to have "Shaken"

For those who paid the automobile tax, a Certificate of Tax Payment 納税証明書 is issued. This certificate is required to have Shaken 車検 or motor-vehicle inspection, essential to have as it is banned to drive motor-vehicles without Shaken by Japanese traffic law.

Since automobile owners do NOT receive any notice from the government office that tells when to have Shaken renewal, the owners need to be aware of the renewal period by themselves. If you buy a car from a car agency, they would send you a notification for your convenience.

Do you have any motorcycles that have been left unused?

Shaken is not required for owning motorbikes up to 250cc, but the owner still needs to pay the automobile tax. If you have a motorcycle that has been left unused, consider relinquishing the ownership, otherwise, you will have to keep on paying the tax.

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