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Health Care Services for Tourists

If you become sick while staying in Japan, you may need to go to a hospital. However, we have to warn you, that you have to expect to pay an expensive medical fee, unfortunately.

Every person with an address in Japan is required to enroll in some form of public health insurance by law, where eligible people receive insurance coverage up to 70% of their health costs. However, Tourists or visitors cannot enroll in this public insurance and will be required paying entire the cost of medical fees.


In Japan, it is known that a doctor's bill is so expensive even for people having public insurance, therefore for travellers to Japan, it is recommended you take out a traveler’s insurance policy.

If your illness is not so serious, you can go to a drug store and get over-the-counter medicine, then, stay in bed till the recovery. Pharmacies or Drug stores are called “Doraggu Sutoa” = Drug store in Japanese. To find Japanese phrases to use when buying medicine at a drug store, see eigo-samples.com. To find Japanese phrases to use when buying medicine at a drug store, see eigo-samples.com

If you feel your illness is serious and need to go to a hospital immediately, you can search for hospitals in Tokyo on this web site.

Himawari (Tokyo Medical Institutions Information Service

For medical emergencies, it is advisable to ask someone who speaks Japanese and call an ambulance (119). Hopefully, calling up an ambulance should be the final choice as you may be taken to a large hospital far from the place you stay.

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