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Tokyo International Gift Show 2019 Autumn

The 88th Tokyo International Gift Show held in autumn 2019 has delighted over 260 thousand visitors by showcasing upcoming trendy products and successfully came to an end as in previous years.

The 88th Tokyo International Gift Show Autumn 2019

Tokyo International Gift Show (TIGS) , the largest B2B trade fair featuring goodies and gift products, takes place in spring and autumn since 1976 in Japan.

TIGS has been comprised of multiple exhibitions featuring goodies and gifts that include interior and exterior products. The 88th tradeshow held in the year 2019 contained the LIFE x DESIGN and Gourmet & Dining Style Show, and the participants were 2,987 companies including 774 overseas from 19 countries. The number of visitors to the overall exhibitions reached 268,853.

Tokyo International Gift Show

Having a large number of participants across Japan and from abroad, the exhibits were a wide range of unique products from everyday items, kitchenware, gardening goods, innovative appliances to local food, and anime licensing.

A highlight of the tradeshow this year was the group participation supported by local governments such as Tokyo and Ishikawa prefecture of Japan. With the aim of promoting the local industries, they showcased a selection of quality artisanal crafts designed to represent a fusion of Japanese tradition and utility chic.

In the section 'Nippon Brand Fair' fancy products in modern Japanese style were on exhibit. Many of the selective products caught the visitors' eye, and it allowed finding 'the gems' hidden in local.

One example of those can be the iron-made plant container KURO-KASANE by Token Inc. created in collaboration with an artist in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa prefecture. The ceramic sponge inside can hold water to keep the plant alive without soil, is so clean to place as an interior accessory. The iron container highlights the green plant, can be like a Bonsai in modern Japanese style.

KURO-KASANE by Token Inc.
https://greenbiz-token.jp/kuro-kasane/ (Japanese website)

Another remarkable exhibit by group participation was from SMEs in the Kyushu region of south Japan. Among the many of selective products, the one caught visitors' eye with its uniqueness was the colorful tatami yoga mats by KYUSHU BUSSAN Co. ,Ltd. The colorful woven patterns look impressive, and the texture of tatami can provide novelty and new functions.

https://goza.theshop.jp/(Japanese website)

The Tokyo International Gift Show coming up next in 2019 is scheduled in February from 5th to 7th. Visitors will enjoy the treasure hunting again and find the very best ones.

The information here is just to give an outline of this exhibition. For detailed information, see the official website.

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Tokyo International Gift Show


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