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Japan Rental Wifi | Lucky Wifi

Stress-Free Wi-Fi Connection is Essential to Enjoy Your Time in Japan

Motorcycle Rental Shop opens near Narita International Airport

Kizuki Rental Service, a motorcycle rental service company which operates the rental shops "", has opened their new store near the Narita International Airport.

SPORTS ENTRY | Find & Register for sports events in Japan

SPORTS ENTRY is a leading community website to find and register sports events in Japan. APPROAD CO.LTD, the company who operates this website has expanded their service in order to encourage participations from foreign visitors and inhabitants.

KENDO experience tour in Tokyo - SAMURAI TRIP

Come and join us to experience Samurai training.
In Samurai Trip, one can feel Samurai culture through hands-on Kendo experience under the guidance of experience instructor and experience the real kendo. . Learn more

Tabirai Japan Car Rental

Categories : B2C

Compare and get the best car rental offers from the leading car rental companies in Japan. Booking with Tabirai Japan Car Rental will allow you to save money for your budget.

Kabuki Face Pack, a 'dual purpose' face mask for a change

Categories : B2C

The Kabuki Face Pack, a face sheet mask from Isshindo Honpo allows you to enjoy Kabuki makeup expressions as well as taking a skin care treatment.

Sake Treat Tour | A Visit to a Historical Brewery in Tokyo, Japan

Categories : Tourisum
If you’re one of the many sake fanatics, join this tour that will uncover one of Japan's greatest secrets. Let this trip take you inside a historic brewery in Tokyo to get a glimpse of the production process.

Seitai Bodywork Workshps | Kouchi Method Massage Techniques

Categories : B2B
Deep breathing and complete muscle relaxation in 30 seconds!
Sushi, Karaoke, Aikido, Bento etc.., there are things Japanese that are commonly used worldwide nowadays and Seitai (整体), or Japanese Bodywork therapy is also one of those.

Thalassa Techne Corp. | Restoration company in Tokyo

Categories : B2B

Japanese Architecture, another art form established in Japan

ALTIS: ASEAN Languages Translation and Interpretation Service

Categories : Business Services
This brand-new service will help promote communication between Japan and ASEAN countries for their mutual benefit.

Carole Goldsmith International | Journalism and Training

Categories : Business Services

Carole Goldsmith is an international journalist / news correspondent and trainer who reports for media across USA, EU, Asia and Australia.

Tatami Mats and Tatami Goods

Categories : B2C
Since Japanese housing have become modernized and western in style, the Tatami room, the traditional Japanese style room covered with rush straw mats, is decreasing in number. Despite this fact, the majority of Japanese people still like the Tatami room and they do find it cozy. Drinking green tea in a Tatami room, in silence, surely helps you wind down. Or, lying down on Tatami mat right after coming back home tired is another blissful moment, indeed.

Hanji : Traditional Korean Paper

Categories : B2C

What you can create with paper is much more than you ever imagined

Kawada Management Consulting Office

Categories : Business Services
Kawada Management Consulting Office (KMCO) offers support services for small/medium companies setting up a business in Japan, assists applications for work or residential visa, social insurance, and other official sign-up procedures required for doing business / living in Japan.

Shinei Industries Inc. | Water Purification Devices

Categories : B2B, B2C
Water is what we all need to survive. As we often hear the words “Water Business” these days, securing a constant and safe supply of clean drinking water is one of the concerns for all countries in the world. In an environment where tap water is always available, it tends to be taken for granted that water is supplied anytime you need, however, it is definitely not. Once you encounter a natural disaster, you will instantly realize the difficulty in securing clean, drinkable water.

Toratani | health, recreational and fitness apparel

Categories : B2B, B2C
Toratani is the ultimate in up-lifting, body fitting underwear that usesinternationally patented Super Cubic Cutting pattern construction processes in the design. These pattern cutting processes provide comfort from Panty Ride-up, a contour fit and separation shape enhancements.

Guide to Mount Mitake and the Mitake Valley for non-Japanese Visitors to and Residents of Japan

Categories : Tourisum
The City of Ome Publishes a Trilingual Guide to Mount Mitake and the Mitake Valley for non-Japanese Visitors to and Residents of Japan. A complete guide to unspoiled nature and Japanese traditions in one of Tokyo’s best sightseeing spots – now available in English, Chinese and Korean

Travel Magazine : Superb views in Japan you must see before you die

Categories : Tourisum
Superb views in Japan, the travel magazine inspires you to explore scenic spots in Japan, unknown even to the Japanese. Filled with stunning landscape photos of thirty nine scenic spots selected by landscape photographers, sorted by calendar month, Superb views in Japan lets you find where to go and when to go to enjoy Japan’s natural beauty and its marvelous view.

Travel Magazine : Landscape of Japanese food

Categories : Tourisum
Landscape of Japanese food. A newly published food photography magazine will take you inside traditional Japanese food culture; even unknown to most Japanese. Now included in UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list, Washoku, or Japanese cuisine, attracts attention and praise all over the world.

Kobuchizawa Art Village and Nakamura Keith Haring Collection

Categories : Tourisum

Finding Love & Peace again, at an Onsen Hot Spring Resort surrounded by art and nature.

Rixin Yueyi | Free! Japan Travel Booklet in Chinese and Japanese

Categories : Tourisum
aRixin Yueyi is a free travel booklet available for international tourists coming to Japan, provides various up-to-date information such as travel and shopping guide, especially useful for female travelers who are looking for something stylish or quality products made in Japan.


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