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KENDO experience tour in Tokyo - SAMURAI TRIP

- Genuine SAMURAI experience -

What is KENDO?

Kendo is a traditional Japanese martial art that is derived from traditional swordsmanship practiced by the Samurai. Participants wear kendo protective equipment like Men (head gear), Kote (hand gauntlet), Do (abdomen protector) and Tare (hip protector) while using Shinai (bamboo sword) to hit the designated area such as Men (head), Kote (hand), Do (abdomen) and Tsuki (throat). Kendo is Japanese traditional competitive sports.

Experience being a Samurai with all your senses

In Kendo, there is a saying that sums up the Samurai spirit. Kendo begins with Rei (bow of respect and humility) and ends with Rei (bow of respect and humility). This is performed as one enters or leaves the dojo (training place) before or after a training or competition. In addition during competition, one should not strike a winning pose even after one score a point or shows bad attitude after losing. Even under those conditions giving each other Rei as a sign of respect and humility to each other is strongly inculcated in Kendo. This sign of gratefulness and respect towards each other is the Soul of Samurai culture.

On the other hand, once the practice or fight starts both participants will be hitting and striking each other very aggressively. For someone who is witnessing Kendo for the first time, they usually will be drowned in those heavy and adrenaline charged atmosphere. On the first glance one might think they are just only hitting aggressively out of whims, but actually hidden within each attack is infinite number of technique created by the Samurai in order to overcome their opponent. For example, a countering technique call Kaeshi waza which one can inflict on the opponent as the opponent react and comes for the kill, or Debana waza the elusive technique of attacking the opponent by sensing the slightest intention or movement to attack by the opponent. There is almost infinite number of skill and technique available in Kendo. It is the exchange of techniques between the two participants is what makes Kendo incredibly entertaining and fun.

Samurai!!! To the Battlefield

In Samurai Trip, one can feel Samurai culture through hands-on Kendo experience under the guidance of experience instructor and experience the real kendo. Even someone who is non-experience or first timer can have their chance to taste kendo matches or test their skills with their peers. Only in Kendo one can transform into a Samurai and fight full power. The stillness of the Dojo air, Kendo unique etiquette, and sounds of clashing swords…. Come and join us to experience Samurai training with your own two hands.

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KENDO experience tour | SAMURAI TRIP

URL : http://www.samuraitrip07.com/
E-MAIL : samuraitrip07@gmail.com

LOCATION : Mainly UGUISUDANI station in Tokyo
(because of different location by the schedule,please contact us at the time of booking)


1. Wearing SAMURAI armor
2. Learning about SAMURAI
3. Striking practice
4. Striking practice with SAMURAI armor
5. Demonstration by instructor
6. Combat game


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