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Kobuchizawa Art Village and Nakamura Keith Haring Collection

Finding Love & Peace again, at an Onsen Hot Spring Resort surrounded by art and nature.

Kobuchizawa is an Onsen or Hot Springs resort area in Yamanashi prefecture, easily accessible from Tokyo. Kobuchizawa lies at the foot of the Yatsugatake Mountain, known for its beautiful surrounding nature and the site of a prosperous ancient culture. The quality of the natural springs is very high and was used to cure ailing Samurai solders more than 400 years ago.

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Kobuchizawa Art Village

The Kobchizawa Art Village is a resort providing various relaxation facilities that will give you a unique experience in Japan, combining traditional Japanese art, culture and relaxation in a natural setting.

The Nakamura Keith Haring Collection

The first private museum in the world to dedicate to exhibiting the works of Keith Haring.

Time surely files and it has been 20 years since Keith Haring died at the young age of 31. This time passage might give you thoughts of what you were doing or where you were in the 1980s, the time Keith Haring took the New York art world by storm.

The economy, technology, politics, etc…too many things have changed by now. The Internet or cell phones were not popular at all around the time. And, many of new art movements with energies or madness were appeared and disappeared, before we knew.

Despite of these dramatic changes in 2 decades, works of Keith Haring are still there, timelessly fresh and vivid. His works give no dated feel even for people who were born after the time of Keith Haring.
Nakamura Keith Haring Collection

Country House Restaurant KEYSPRING

A country-inn restaurant serving local organic, delicious food

Kobuchizawa Art village offers a restaurant where you can enjoy local fresh foods, including organic vegetables, Koshu-beef, and wine made in Yamanashi. Not only do visitors enjoy the quality dishes, people staying at nearby resort villas come to enjoy the many fine dishes. The restaurant interiors and the country music playing create a cheerful atmosphere that will make your dining more enjoying. In fact, Kobuchizawa has many fine farms and places for horseback riding, so the restaurant has created a western country style ambiance.

The Country House Restaurant servers a local delicacy, Koshu Beef, a specialty from the Yamanashi prefecture. In the Yamanashi region, grape vines are grown for producing local wines and the cows producing the Koshu Beef are feed grape marc (grape seeds and grape skins).

The Country House Restaurant KEYSPRING is next to the Lodge ATELIER, your accommodations at the Kobuchizawa Art Village.

The Yatsugatake Lodge Atelier

This quaint cottage type of accommodations is a prefect way to enjoy your stay at the Art Village. Needless to say, it provides you with natural spring water drawn directly from the abundant hot springs of Yatsugatake.

As the name tells, some art works are exhibited in the hallway like a gallfly. The rooms are in western style. There are some rooms in Japanese-style with Tatami-mats and Futon. Yukata(Kimono-like) bathrobe is available for both types of room. The special feature of Lodge ATELIER is Onsen Hot Spring Bath. The hot spring water kept running (without recycling) so you can enjoy fresh spring water. Since the bathing facility is for private use, no one disturbs your relaxing time. The forest garden in front of the Lodge ATELIER. The lodge is also only a minute walk from the Nakamura Keith Haring Museum. It must be refreshing to have breakfast after taking a short walking in the early morning.

Kurotel Relaxation Spa

For those who want to take a relaxing trip and enjoy a quality Onsen Hot Springs in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, the Kobuchizawa Onsen Hot Spring resort area is one of the most recommendable places outside of Tokyo. Japan is known as a country where you can enjoy truly natural hot springs (onsen), however, the best places where you can enjoy a quality onsen tend to be located deep in the mountains or near the sea coast, and usually hard to find good, up-to-date travel information.

Kobuchizawa is only 2 hours away from Tokyo and accessible by train without changing trains, or buses. Also, the Relaxation Spa KUROTEL at Kobuchizawa Art Village is very close to the JR Kobuchizawa Station, so you will be able to have a pleasant time enjoying the spa shortly after arrival.

The outdoor spa facility is surrounded by nature and provides a highly refined, luxurious space to enjoy the benefits of a hot springs, or onsen experience. At this onsen, the bathing facilities are completely private and for only registered guests, so bathing in a swimsuit, or not, is your choice.

Don't be alarmed, the hot springs water is not dirty, just a light brown colour as it contains sodium chloride and reveals how rich the water is in minerals and other health benefits. Also, to maintain high quality, the hot water is kept running, and is neither reused nor recycled.

Kobuchizawa Art Village

The Nakamura Keith Haring Collection

The Nakamura Keith Haring Collection

The Nakamura Keith Haring Collection

The Yatsugatake Lodge Atelier

The Yatsugatake Lodge Atelier

Relaxation Spa

Country House Restaurant KEYSPRING

Country House Restaurant KEYSPRING

How to Get to Kobuchizawa Art Village

 The Kobuchizawa Art Village is located in the city of Kobuchizawa, an onsen hot spring resort area, in the Yamanashi Prefecture. The Village is easily accessible from Tokyo by a two hour fast train journey.Kobuchizawa Art Village is also accessible from Nagoya by train.

If you are traveling from the Nagoya area, we recommend to take advantage of the many wonderful Onsen Hot Springs resorts in the area, plus plan to visit famous sighseeing spots in Kyoto, Nagoya and Tokyo to add to your experiences of your travel around Japan!

How to get to Kobuchizawa

From Tokyo by Train using the JR East Japan Railway
Total travel time: Approx. 2 hours
From JR Shinjuku Stn. to (Chuo Honsen Line by Super Azusa limited express train) to JR Kobuchizawa Stn. *Shinjuku Station at rush hour in the morning is extremely crowded, plan your trip to take a train after 11:00 AM.

From Nagoya by Train using the JR Central Japan Railway
Total travel time: Approx. 3 hours
JR Nagoya Stn. to (Chuo Honsen Line by Wide View Shinano limited express train. 2 hours) to JR Shiojiri Stn. to (Chuo Honsen Line. Local train. 1 hour) to JR Kobuchizawa Stn.

*You need to change trains at Shiojiri Stn. To go Kobuchizawa from Shiojiri, you can take the local train or Super Azusa limited express train of the Chuo Honsen Line.

Travel Hint

As the most of seats of Super Azusa or Shinano limited express trains are reserved seats, it is recommendable to purchase a reserved seat ticket at JR Ticket Office in stations beforehand. If you have a JR rail pass, you can also book for a reserved seat at JR Ticket Office.

From Kobuchizawa Station to Kobuchizawa Art Village

The Lodge ATELIER offers free pick-up services for their guests. When you make a reservation for a room, let them know of your arrival time so the staff will pick you up at the Kobuchizawa Station.

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