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TK Assistant Services

Bilingual Virtual Assistants in Japan for your business!

TK Assistant Services

Do you need a service company that provides virtual assistants proficient in Japanese and English? Look no further than TK Assistant Services. This trustworthy company strongly supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), especially start-ups and venture companies. They offer assistance services that cover both business and personal needs, ranging from human resources and accounting assistance for offices to research for schools and hospitals.

How do you run a successful start-up business in Japan?

The best way is to use your time effectively and focus on core tasks directly impacting your profits. So, saving time spent on administrative and other ancillary tasks is crucial. However, it tends to take more time than you expect when entering the Japanese market. Why? That is, the language barrier makes every little task time-consuming. You will definitely need a solution, and here is the virtual assistant service that comes into play.

With bilingual assistants, all communication is completed in English

The virtual assistant service provided by TK Assistant Services can handle both English and Japanese languages, designed to perform the translation and administrative tasks simultaneously, allowing for seamless communication and response in English without time losses.

TK Assistant Services provides administrative support including:
Calendar management
Business travel support
Email management in English and Japanese
Meeting arrangements
Appointment scheduling
Document support
Presentation slide support

Your back office is here, with assistants fluent in Japanese.

When operating a business in Japan, staying up-to-date and following the latest regulations, such as accounting and human resources, is essential. You will soon notice that these regulations and notification requirements change quite often, and all the information notices are written in Japanese, which can be inconvenient.

TK Assistant Services’ staff are highly experienced Japanese speakers who have worked in the corporate sector. With their language proficiency and expertise, they can efficiently perform their tasks while staying informed of the latest developments. You can count on them to support you as a team member in your back office.

TK Assistant Services can handle back office tasks that include;
Comprehensive back office support
Liaising with employees
Managing data entry
Providing HR support
Coordinating company events
Creating detailed reports and engaging presentations
Managing invoicing
Assistance with day-to-day operations
Assistance with long-term projects

With knowledge of Japanese business etiquette, fulfilling front office tasks

The staff at TK Assistant Services are fluent in Japanese and well-versed in Japanese business customs, ensuring you can rely on them to accommodate your needs. They know what's what in a "Japanese style business" and how to act as a role for your front office in Japan. They have extensive knowledge of the local trends in Japan. They can provide excellent client entertainment services, such as organizing a business dinner at a top-rated restaurant or planning a leisurely business trip to Japan.

The comprehensive support stretches to private matters.

The staff at TK Assistant Services are aware of the problems that expats tend to face in daily life; Booking a table at a restaurant, finding and reserving an English-speaking dentist, beauty salon, etc., are really nothing to do but annoying if you have a language problem. To make expats living in Japan more comfortable and convenient, TK Assistant Services offers assistant services with hospitality in mind, prioritizing a warm and inviting approach. Their skilled team of working mothers particularly can make their services beneficial for families in these ways;

Research and support for nursery and school applications
Afterschool and personal teacher research
Hospital and medical clinic research and appointments
Research on special needs services and support groups
Acting as a bridge for Japanese groups and organizations
Family travel support
Assistance with complicated procedures at government offices in Japan.

Interested? To learn more about TK Assistant Services, pricing, how to make a request, tailor-made services, visit their website. You can leave a message on the website.

TK Assistant Services

Tomomi Kishii, owner
501 Manoa Tamagawa Bldg 3,
3-20-2 Tamagawa, Setagaya,
Tokyo, Japan


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