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Using Free WiFi while traveling in Japan

In most cities of Japan, at public facilities or tourist spots, Wi-Fi Internet connections are available for free. Once you understand what types of Free Wi-Fi services are available there, you will have less difficulty finding them.

Free Wi-Fi services in Japan and how to use them

One thing you need to be aware of is security risks when using public hotspots. It is better that you consider Free Wif-Fi is just for use to get tourism information, such as to check train timetables, etc.

Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi by NTTBP

Simple connection to free wi-fi throughout Japan. Covers 190,000 AP in major areas that include international airports, railway stations, subway stations, major convenience stores, etc. The connection limit varies with each spot, which is usually a short duration. This service is available for Android and iPhone users.

How to use

Install the app and complete registration in advance. Boot the app on site and display a map. Search for a nearby Wi-fi Spot and go there, then, tap the button "Connect". Once you have installed this app, there is no need to set up SSID or enter ID/Password every time you connect.

Travel Japan Wi-Fi by Wire and Wireless

Travel Japan Wi-Fi allows you to use over 200,000 Wi2 Wi-Fi spots for free.This service is available for foreign travelers and people living outside of Japan. The app is downloadable on the website.

How to use

Install the app and register your profile (Also read the terms of use) in advance. Boot the app on site and search for Wi-fi Spots. Go to a nearby spot and tap to connect. If you get a premium code at their partner store, enter the code on the app so you can take advantage of a wider coverage wireless Internet access.

Free Wi-Fi service at Starbucks

To use Free Wi-Fi service at Starbucks, sign up beforehand.


Related Japanese Samples

I’d like to use Free Wifi connection.
Free Wifi wo tsukai-tai desu.

May I have an ID and Password to access?
Access suru tame no ID to Password wo onegai shimasu

Here's my passport
Passport desu.

I have installed the app.
Apri-wa Download shite arimasu.

I have installed the app "Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi".
Japan Connected-free Wi-Fiのアプリは入っています。
Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi no apuri wa haitte imasu.

I have installed the app “Travel Japan Wi-Fi ”.
Travel Japan Wi-Fi のアプリは入っています。
Travel Japan Wi-Fi no apuri wa haitte imasu.

Do you have a list of Wifi spots? Can I have it please?
Wifi Supotto no List ga areba kudasai.

* Wireless is Musen (無線) in Japanese
* Public Wireless LAN is Koushu-musen LAN (公衆無線LAN) in Japanese
*Internet connection is Netto Setsuzoku (ネット接続) in Japanese
*Free (of charge) is Muryou (無料) in Japanese

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