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Prepaid SIM cards for visitors in Japan

Considering security risks and limitations in usage, Paid Wi-Fi is much convenient than Free Wi-Fi. Here you find some paid SIM cards available for visitors in Japan.

Last updated: Jun 2020

Types of Prepaid SIM cards and where to buy

Most of prepaid SIM cards for visitors to Japan are sold at international airports or major electronic stores, including Yodobashi Camera and Bic Camera (You will be required to show your passport when purchasing), and the store location maps are usually provided on their websites. You can also purchase the SIM card online before coming to Japan.

Types of SIM cards available for visitors are mostly Data SIM, some of them are rechargeable.

* Prices vary with each retailer or depending on where/how to buy. The prices shown here are just for reference.


3GB: 4,900 JPY (excluding tax) Validity Period:: 30 days
7GB: 7,700 JPY (excluding tax) Validity Period:: 30 days

SIM Size: Nano, Micro
Rechargeable on their website at 2,000 JP Yen/1 GB (excluding tax.) The payment is made by credit card
Maximum Speed: Will be 131.3 Mbps for upstream at maximum, and 1,288 Mbps for downstream at maximum
Where to buy:
Sold at airports and stores: Aeon Shopping Malls, Yodobashi Camera electronic stores, Kojima etc. For details, see their official website.

JAPAN TRAVEL SIM powered by IIJmio


2GB :3791 JP Yen  (excluding tax tax) Validity Period:: 3 Months

SIM Size: Nano, Micro
Speede: 788 Mbps downlink/50 Mbps uplink
Rechargeable by purchasin IIJmio Coupon Card at convenience stores (Lowson or Familymart) or Appliance stores (Yodobashi Camera, Kojima)

It is also rechargeable by Brastel card.
Brastel Card

Where to buy:
Sold at stores listed on their website, includes Yodobashi Camera Electronics Stores, Bic Camera, BLUE SKY, etc.. The shops of BLUE SKY are located in Narita International Airport (2nd terminal) and Haneda International Airport.

Prepaid SIM for Japan by NTT Communications


For 7 Days (100MB/day): 2,980 JP Yen (3,278 JP Yen with tax)
For 14 Days (100MB/day) : 3,500 JP Yen (3,850 JP Yen with tax)

SIM Size: Multi cut 3 in 1 (Nano, Micro, Standard)
Service is available in NTT DOCOMO'S “LTE” and “FOMA 3G” areas that provide reliable connectivity nationwide.
Where to buy:
Sold at international airports (Bending machines).
Sold at stores and facilities: Yodobashi Camera electronic stores, GEO, etc. For details, see their official website.

Prepaid LTE SIM by So-net

1.2 GB: 3,241JP Yen (excluding tax tax) Validity Period: 30 Days
2.4GB: 4,167 JP Yen (excluding tax tax) Validity Period: 30 Days
3.2GB: 5,093 JP Yen (excluding tax tax) JP Yen Validity Period: 60 Days
1G Recharge: 2,838 JP Yen (exc. tax) Validity Period: 60 Days

SIM Size: Nano, Micro, Standard
This service uses the Xi® and FOMA® networks operated by NTT DOCOMO.
Speed: No limit. Rechargeable
Where to buy:
Sold at sores and public facilities listed on their website, include Haneda Airport (International terminal), Narita International Airport. Available to buy from bending machines at major train stations and airports.


5GB:3520 Validity Period: 15 Days
2GB:N/A Validity Period: 30 Days
3GB:N/A Validity Period: 30 Days
5GB:N/A Validity Period: 30 Days

1GB Recharge: 1000 JPY (excluding tax tax) Validity Period: 15 Days
3GB Recharge: 1800 JPY (excluding tax tax) Validity Period: 30 Days
7GB Recharge: 2500 JPY (excluding tax tax) Validity Period: 30 Days

SIM Size: Nano SIM comes with SIM adapter for micro/standard
Rechargeable at convenience stores; Seven Eleven, Ministop, FamilyMart Daily Yamazaki, Seicomart
Payable by credit card.
Where to buy:
Sold online at their website (Japanese website).
Sold at Yodobashi Camera stores

b-mobile VISITOR SIM by Japan Communications Inc.

5G: 1980 JPY for 10 days
7G: 2970 JPY for 21 days

Delivery fees
To Airport post office : 370 JPY
Hotels, homes and offices: 520JO Yen

SIM Size: Multi cut SIM (Covers Nano, Micro, Standard)
Data speed:LTE / 3G
Rechargeableon their website (paid by credit card)
Where to buy:
Sold online at their website

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