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Madani ticks you may encounter in the mountains

Published: 27. Aug. 2021 | Japanese

Outdoor activities, camping, hiking are recently more popular in Japan. It is refreshing to walk in a forest and breathe in the fresh air indeed, but there seems one thing we should be careful about there - ticks or Madani. According to recent news reports, the breeding grounds of Madani have been expanding widely as wild animals such as wild boar and deer are expanding their habitat.

Madani causes infectious diseases

Madani, the ticks in Japan, can carry pathogens that cause infectious diseases known as SFTS or Severe Fever With Thrombocytopenia Syndrome. Causing a fever, vomiting, and other terrible symptoms, the disease can lead to even death in the worst case. Since the Madani disease used to occur only in some warm regions of Japan, it was shocking to know that a person in Hokkaido of northern Japan has died from the Madani bite, telling us it can happen anywhere in Japan now.

How do I deal with Madani?

Madani ticks in Japan are about 3 to 4 mm in size, and the bite is not painful, only itchy. However, the bite can last from a few days to even ten days or more, getting its body bigger to 10 to 20 mm. If you got a Madani bite, try not to remove it right away. Instead, go to see a dermatologist for treatment. No, do not ever forcibly remove the tick from your body. Otherwise, the tick's head will be torn off and left stuck at the blood-sucking point, where the tick's bodily fluids with pus or pathogens will flow back into your body.

If you feel uncomfortable about having the biting tick on your body, you may use a tick twister as an aid. It will be a sense of relief if you prepare a tick twister with you on the mountain. However, it is strongly suggested you learn how to use it properly beforehand. Remember that you may get infected due to a failure in removal. So, it is secure that you leave the biting tick on your body and ask for removal at a medical facility.

In Mt. Takao, a popular day trip spot around Tokyo, I have seen foreign tourists in light clothing - non-sleeves and shorts, which made me feel worried. Mountains have not only ticks but also gnats, mosquitoes, and horseflies, so it is better prepared to protect from them.

What we can do to prevent tick bites are;

People living in tick-infested areas make it a rule to take their clothes off and take a bath right after returning from farming and walking. They know how dreadful the bite can be. Let's keep in mind, "Better safe than sorry." then have fun in the mountains.


Tick swister

Tick prevention spray

Language help

Is there a dermatology clinic near here?
このちかくに ひふかの びょういんは ありますか?

I got a tick bite of Madani. Here is the tick. I need to remove it.
まだにに かまれました。ここです。じょきょしたいです。

I got the bite yesterday.
きのう かまれました。

I got the bite three days ago.
みっかまえに かまれました。

I got the bite before I knew it.
きがついたら かまれていました。

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