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Motorcycle Rental Shop opens near Narita International Airport

Kizuki Rental Service, a motorcycle rental service company which operates the rental shops "", has opened their new store near the Narita International Airport.

KYOTO-OSAKA SIGHTSEEING PASS 1 day (Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau Edition)

An Open Ticket to travel in Osaka and Kyoto is now available for foreign tourists

Automobile Tax paid by the End of May

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Automobile owners, who own a car as of April 1st, need to pay the automobile tax annually. The automobile owners are supposed to receive a tax notice (payment slip) from the Municipal / Prefectural Taxation Office and need to pay the tax by the end of May.

Dokudami, a lovely herb grows so well in Japan

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Dokudami, or houttuynia cordata begins to bloom in middle of May and the white lovely flower tells the arrival of the rainy season coming up soon. It is said that Dokudami in bloom is at the best time of harvesting to make herb tea.

Business Showcase

Tabirai Japan Car Rental

Compare and get the best car rental offers from the leading car rental companies in Japan. Booking with Tabirai will allow you to save money for your budget. Learn more

KENDO experience tour in Tokyo - SAMURAI TRIP

Come and join us to experience Samurai training.
In Samurai Trip, one can feel Samurai culture through hands-on Kendo experience under the guidance of experience instructor and experience the real kendo. . Learn more


Hiking in Japan

Hiking in Japan (1) : About mountains and the enchantments

What do you want to do next after having done all the sightseeing in Japan? Where else do you want to go other than typical touristy spots? Now here is an idea, hiking!. Hiking in Japan allows you to not only enjoy the scenery in a natural setting but also discover unique Japanese culture created in history.

Ashiyu Foot Spa - A way of enjoying Onsen hot springs for free

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Laying back in a foot spa at a lookout point on the seaward side and gazing at a ship getting look smaller toward to the horizon, or melting your feet after a day-long walking tour, is another way of enjoying Onsen.

Is it OK to bring home the small towel provided at Ryokan?

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Needless to say, you are not allowed to bring home bath towels and face towels provided in hotel rooms. The same can be said for other accommodations in Japan.Then, how about the small, thin towel provided with a toothbrush?

Using Free WiFi while traveling in Japan

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In major cities and tourist spots in Japan, there are quite a number of places to take advantage of a Wi-Fi Internet connection, used for Fee. Once you understand what types of Free Wi-Fi services are available, you will have less difficulty using them.

What to know before buying a Hocho - Japanese Cooking Knives

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There are several types of Hocho or Japanese cooking knives, equipped depending on purpose of use, to cut veges, fish etc.

Convenient! Prepaid SIM cards for visitors to Japan

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Most of prepaid SIM cards for visitors to Japan are sold at international airports or major electronic stores and the store location maps are usually provided on their website. You can also purchase the SIM card online before coming to Japan.


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