Kawa-kudari Boat Tours: an exciting, but relaxing water attraction on the scenic river

In Summer, on a hot and muggy day, what you probably want to do is water activities to escape the heat. If you want to try something different, something Japanese, how about Kawa-kudari boat tour?

Obon Season and Bon-chochin

Do you know what Bon-chochin 盆提灯 is? Bon-chochin is a lantern used for Obon お盆, the Buddhist summer festival to honour the dead and welcome the spirits of the dead on their annual visits. Obon Season is July 13-16 and August 13-16

Watch out for the torrential rain - Guerrilla-gohu and Oh-ame

In the summer season, what you keep in mind during your trip in Japan is probably typhoons that sometimes come up from the Pacific Ocean. Also, you should watch out for Guerrilla-gohu and Oh-ame heavy rainfalls, tend to happen more frequently than before.

Multilingual Booklets about Infectious Diseases is available

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has provided multilingual booklets for foreign visitors and residents in Tokyo about receiving early consultation concerning infectious diseases. This free booklet is available in English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean, Thai, and Spanish.

Things to know about local route bus services in Japan

Though the rail network in Japan is dense, there are cases you need to take a local bus to get to your travel destination from the nearest train station. The local bus system varies depending on the bus company or the area where the bus is served, and it makes even Japanese people confused when they use the service at a new place.

Hiking in Japan

Hiking in Japan (1) : About mountains and the enchantments

What do you want to do next after having done all the sightseeing in Japan? Where else do you want to go other than typical touristy spots? Now here is an idea, hiking!. Hiking in Japan allows you to not only enjoy the scenery in a natural setting but also discover unique Japanese culture created in history.

How to use a Point Card - The loyalty card helps you save money

“Point Card wo Omochi Desu Ka?" or "Do you have a Point Card?" this is a phrase that customers are commonly asked at stores in Japan, such as supermarkets and convenience stores. A Point Card is a loyalty card or a reward card in English, which is a membership card allowing the cardholders to receive discounts.

Is it OK to bring home the small towel provided at Ryokan?

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Needless to say, you are not allowed to bring home bath towels and face towels provided in hotel rooms. The same can be said for other accommodations in Japan.Then, how about the small, thin towel provided with a toothbrush?

Using Free WiFi while traveling in Japan

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In major cities and tourist spots in Japan, there are quite a number of places to take advantage of a Wi-Fi Internet connection, used for Fee. Once you understand what types of Free Wi-Fi services are available, you will have less difficulty using them.

What to know before buying a Hocho - Japanese Cooking Knives

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There are several types of Hocho or Japanese cooking knives, equipped depending on purpose of use, to cut veges, fish etc.