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SURTECH | SURTECH | Feb.1 - 3. 2023

Surface Technology creates new business! Organic/Inorganic hybrid surface modifying material and its related technique, surface treatment technology!

SUPERMARKET TRADE SHOW | Feb. 15 - 17. 2023

SMTS (SUPERMARKET TRADE SHOW) offers the latest information about the food distribution industry focusing on supermarkets in Japan and gives the opportunity to meet the leaders from the retail, wholesale, ready meal and food service industry.

Sawara Water Parade | Mar. 5. 2022

Water parade held on Onogawa stream in the Sawara historic district. Small boats with musicians and people in traditional Japanese clothes move gently on the stream fringed with old Japanese houses. Sawara is rather close to Narita city, the home of Narita International Airport.

Toshima Monozukuri Messe | Mar. 2 - 4. 2023

A trade show held in the Toshima City of Tokyo, showcasing local manufacturers in the business fields - miscellaneous goods, information services, environment & energy, medical and health care.

AnimeJapan | Mar 26-27 2022

The international Anime exhibition held at Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo. Here you will find all about Japanese Anime.

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