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Things to know about Tokyo Station
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The Tokyo Station, another labyrinth you face in Tokyo (Added on Mar.25)

The Sakura Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo will be at its best around the beginning of April.
During the blooming season, food stalls will stand at some of popular Sakura cherry blossom viewing spots. 
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Cherry Blossom viewing spots in Tokyo

To use a bicycle parking lot on a fixed term contract, an application is required within Feb or March
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The System of Bicycle Parking Lots Churinjo in Tokyo

Located near Tokyo Budokan in Ayase, Tokyo, Higashi Ayase-koen Park is another local attraction, known as a Sakura viewing spot.
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Tokyo Budokan, the arena for traditional Japanese martial arts 

In Okinawa, the beach season begins at around end of March
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Getting to and around Okinawa from Tokyo

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