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AUTUMN GINZA | Oct.16 - Nov.3 2019

A lineup of events to experience the tradition and the culture of Ginza; an open-air tea ceremony, the Diners Club’s Ginza Restaurant Week, Kid's Kabuki, and walking tours to visit temples and shrines in Ginza.

Tokyo Heritage Weeks (Tokyo Bunkazai Week) | Oct.26 - Nov.4. 2019

Tokyo Heritage Weeks (Tokyo Bunkazai Week 東京文化財ウィーク) is a special time for Tokyo citizens, letting them have an opportunity to get closer to the cultural heritage retained in Tokyo and to understand the importance of the preservation of such heritage.

Mashiko Autumn Pottery Market (Toukiichi) | Nov.1-5, 2019

More than 500 pottery stalls will take place at this market and sell various types of potteries; teacups, rice bowls and Ramen bowls, designed in a traditional or modern Japanese style. Walking around the market to find your favourite will be fun.

Air Show at Iruma Air Base | Nov. 3. 2019

This air show held annually on the 3rd of November at Iruma Air Base in Saitama Prefecture, has more than 200 thousand people coming up to see the exciting acrobatic performance by the team Blue Impulse. Various fun events will also take place there.

Oshijo Castle Jidai Festival | Nov. 10. 2019

Held at the park of Oshijo 忍城, a small but historic castle in Gyoda city, features a parade of people in samurai warrior costumes. The highlight is the performance of harquebusiers. 

KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2019 | Nov.15 - 17. 2019

An arts and crafts fair will take place in Kanazawa, the city recognized internationally as a city of art crafts or Kogei. Kogei Art Fair Kanazawa will be a platform to showcase the fresh, new values and aesthetic consciousness of Kogei from Kanazawa to the world.

Sakura Jidai Matsuri Festival | Nov. 17. 2019

Sakura 佐倉 is a former castle town located near Narita City in Chiba prefecture.People in traditional costume will act armoured warriors, Samurai, and princesses, will parade along the streets of the castle town. Kobudo or ancient Japanese martial art will also be performed.