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Fishing Career Support Fair | Jul. 18. 2022

A place for those interested in getting a fishing job in Japan. This career support fair offers opportunities to get complete information on the fishing business across Japan.

Maker Faire Tokyo 2022 | Sep. 3 - 4, 2022

O'Reilly Japan, Inc., publishers of MAKE: magazine in Japan, presents Maker Faire, the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth, a celebration of creativity, invention, and resourcefulness.

Cat Festival in Yushima town | Sep.14 - Oct.10 2022

This local event takes place at Yushima, an old town in Bunkyo-ku ward, has streets where cats often walk around at a leisurely pace. During this event, some of the shops and cafes in the area will offer specials all related to cats or Neco.

Nezu-jinja Shrine Festival | Sep. 17-18. 2022

Nezu-jinja Shrine is a historic shrine founded 1900 years ago, lies in Ya-ne-sen (Yanaka Nezu Sendagi) area known as a tourist spot off the beaten path. During this festival, Mikoshi parade and the traditional dance will be performed.


This is an event for mask lovers by mask lovers, who are fascinated by creating/wearing masks, headgears, hoods, helmets, goggles, or anything to put on the head.

DIET & BEAUTY FAIR | Sep. 26-28 2022

Professional trade show for the beauty and health industry. The exhibition comprised of ANTI-AGEING JAPAN, DIET&BEAUTY FAIR ASIA, and SPA&WELLNESS JAPAN.

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