Events in Japan

August - 8 : Hachi-gatsu

Events in Japan

Numata Matsuri Festival | Aug.3-5 2018

The festival takes place in Numata city. Gunma Prefecture. Numata city is on the way from central Tokyo to Minakami, a resort known for outdoor activities such as Rafting, Canyoning, and Skiing..

Omiya Nakasendo Festival | Aug. 1-2 2018

Omiya Nakasendo Festival is a traditional summer festival held in Omiya. The festival features Mikoshi (miniature shrines) floats parades. Taiko drumming and traditional dances will also be performed on the streets around JR Omiya Station (East exit) in the evening


A big summer sale at nearly 480 shops and stores in Odaiba, coming up with special offers for foreign customers.

Fussa Tanabata Summer Festival | Aug. 2 – 5 2018

A large, local festival held at Fussa City in Tokyo, has 400,000 visitors every year. 

Asagaya Tanabata Festival | Aug. 3-7 2018

A Tanabata Festival held at the Asagaya shopping street. The 700m-long street will be decorated with giant paper crafts, looking funny, cheap, artistic, surreal and chaotic that visitors will find 'Kawaii.'

Innovation Japan - University Trade Fair & Business Matching | Aug.30-31. 2018

500 universities, start-ups and SMEs will take part to present their R&D Achievements.

Pakistan & Japan Friendship Festival | Aug.10 - 14. 2018

This event is held for friendship between Japan and Pakistan, also to encourage people in Japan to know about halal culture.

Water Splashing Festival (Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri) | Aug. 11-15 2018

Known as one of the three largest annual festivals established in the Edo period (1603-1868), Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri is such a popular traditional festival where 300,000 visitors come to see.

Beer Festival at Ryogoku Edo Noren Restaurants | Jul.27-Sep.1

Ryogoku Edo Noren, a restaurant area in JR Ryogoku station, situated near Edo-Tokyo Museum, will hold a special summer event to enjoy beers on every Friday and Saturday between Jul.27 and Sep.1.

Summer Mega Sale at CHITOSE OUTLET MALL RERA ( in Hokkaido) | Jul.14-Aug.19 2018

Up to 90% off! 2 of new brand stores opened. Ramen restaurants in the mall will offer special Ramen during the sale.

Hachioji Float Parade Festival | Aug. 3-5 2018

One of the largest float parade festivals held in greater Tokyo. 4000 people in traditional summer costume will dance and parade with 19 floats on Koshu-kaido Street.

CITTA Summer Festival with Japanese-style entertainment | Aug.10-12 2018

A summer event held at La Cittadella shopping and entertainment complex in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa. The show includes music and dance performance in neo-traditional Japanese style. Admission Free.

Tokyo International Forum

Japanese Artisanal Technique Exhibition | Aug.8-10. 2018

It is an event where you can experience the techniques of traditional craftsmanship which has supported Japan and the cutting-edge manufacturing technology. Admission Free

UENO JAZZ INN'18 | Aug.4. 2018

This is a musical event organized by Art & Culture Foundation of Taito City, annually held as a part of Ueno Summer Festival.

Japan International Seafood&Technology Expo | Aug.22-24 2018

Sushi Expo will also take place as a part of this exhibition

Shimokitazawa Awa-Odori dance Festival | Aug. 18-19 2018

An Awa-Odori dance festival held in Shimokitazawa (called Shimokita for short), a town in the western Tokyo, popular among young Japanese.

MITAKA Awa Odori Festival | Aug. 18-19 2018

An Awa-odori festival held in front of Mitaka Station (South Exit). Mitaka is a town next to Kichijoji, one of the most popular living area in Tokyo.

Oedo Matsuri Bon-odori Dance Festival | Aug. 24-25 2018

A large Japanese folk dance festival held in Hamacho-koen Park, Chuo-ku City. Local people in Yukata gather around a Yagura stage and dance together.