Events in Japan

August - 8 : Hachi-gatsu

Events in Japan

Omiya Nakasendo Festival | Aug. 1-2 2019

Omiya Nakasendo Festival is a traditional summer festival held in Omiya. The festival features Mikoshi (miniature shrines) floats parades. Taiko drumming and traditional dances will also be performed on the streets around JR Omiya Station (East exit) in the evening

Asagaya Tanabata Festival | Aug. 3-7 2019

A Tanabata Festival held at the Asagaya shopping street. The 700m-long street will be decorated with giant paper crafts, looking funny, cheap, artistic, surreal and chaotic that visitors will find 'Kawaii.'

UENO JAZZ INN'18 | Aug.3. 2019

This is a musical event organized by Art & Culture Foundation of Taito City, annually held as a part of Ueno Summer Festival.

Numata Matsuri Festival | Aug.3-5 2019

The festival takes place in Numata city. Gunma Prefecture. Numata city is on the way from central Tokyo to Minakami, a resort known for outdoor activities such as Rafting, Canyoning, and Skiing..

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