Events in Japan

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Events in Japan

Sawara Water Parade | Mar. 9. 2019

A water parade held on Onogawa stream in the Sawara historic district. Small boats with musicians and people in traditional Japanese clothes move gently on the stream fringed with old Japanese houses. Sawara is rather close to Narita city where the Narita International Airport is located in

Japanese Fusion Cuisine Show | Mar.5-8. 2019

A trade show for Washoku or Japanese Food, held for inheriting and expanding the traditional food culture.

Tokyo Anime Award Festival | Mar. 8-11

Tokyo Anime Award Festival Executive Committee and The Association of Japanese Animations will hold ‘the events of contemporary Animation


On 29th March 2019, the admission is free and opens till 20:00.

Free Japanese Calligraphy Experience | Mar. 16. 2019

A hands-on workshop open to foreign residents and students living in Japan

Interpets Asia Pacific | Mar.29-31 2019

One of the largest pet exhibitions held in Tokyo. Visitors can bring their pet (dog, cat) into the exhibition halls.

Sake Festival at Hakkoh-no-sato in Chiba | Mar.17.2019

This local event will take place at the two of Sake breweries with a history of over 300 years.

AnimeJapan 2019 | Mar.21-22 (Business) and 23-24(Public) 2019

The international Anime exhibition held at Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo. Here you will find all about Japanese Anime.

Kuohzei Local Food Festival at Hibiya Park | Mar. 28-31 2019

A large food festival held at Hibiya Park near the Imperial Palace in Central Tokyo.

Spring Festival in Tokyo | Mar.15 - Apr.14, 2019

The largest music festival event will take place in Ueno, Tokyo. During the period of this festival, about 150 classical music concerts will be held at the public facilities in Ueno Park, museums, music halls.

Tokyo Marathon | Mar. 3. 2019

The Tokyo Marathon course symbolizes the past, present and the future of Tokyo.

Freesia Festival in Hachijojima of Tokyo Islands | Mar.24 - Apr.7 2019

During the season of this festival, 350000 of Freesia flowers will colorfully cover the fields on Hachijojima Island. The highlight of this festival is the infiorata held as a part of Tokyo Infiorata 2019.

Chofu Kabuki Play | Mar.17.2019

A Kabuki or classical Japanese dance-drama, known for its unique make-up, will be played by amateur actors in Chofu city, Tokyo. Founded in 2001, this Kabuki acting group annually performs at a large theater in Chofu.

FOODEX JAPAN | Mar.5-8 2019

The international food and beverage exhibition having 85000 Professional Visitors from 80 Nations.

Cherry Blossom Viewing at the Tokyo National Museum

The Japanese garden at Tokyo National Museum in Ueno, Tokyo opens to the visitors during the cherry blossom season and will take some events between March 12th(Tue) to Apr 7th(Sun) 2019 from 10:00 to 16:30. 

Adachi Fish Market Public Open Day | Mar.9. 2019

Adachi Fish Market opens to the public on a Saturday (usually on the second Saturday) every two months.
Open from 9:00 to 11:00 AM.

Plum Village Festival at Takao | Mar. 9 and 10 2019

This plum festival takes place near Mt Takao, known as the most popular hiking spot in Tokyo. In the 4.5km-long surrounding area, there are 10,000 plum trees along the riverside, walking paths in plum forests and the private gardens.