Events in Japan

April - 4 : Shi-gatsu

Events in Japan

Narita Taiko (Drum) Festival | Postponed

One of the largest drum festivals in Japan. A number of drum player groups gather at Narita Shinshoji Temple and show their powerful drumming performance.

This annual festival in Spring 2021 is postponed and will be held on Oct.30-31.

Fussa Sakura Festival | Canceled

This festival in 2021 is cancelled due to COVID-19.

The Sakura blossoms of 500 trees along the 2.5km-long riverside of Tamagawa river in Fussa City, Tokyo

Mashiko Spring Pottery Market (Toukiichi) Canceled

This annual event in 2021 is canceled due to COVID-19

More than 500 pottery stalls will take place at this market and sell various types of potteries; teacups, rice bowls and Ramen bowls, designed in a traditional or modern Japanese style. Walking around the market to find your favourite will be fun.

Tokyo Art & Antiques Online 2021

This annual event is held online in 2021

The art event takes places in the area between Nihonbashi and Kyobashi districts where many art galleries are located.

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