Events in Japan

April - 4 : Shi-gatsu

Events in Japan

One of the largest art events held in Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture. Holding traditional plays and performances, people can experience Japanese culture and the traditional entertainments from Kabuki, Noh, Kyogen and Kagura play to Taiko drumming, Shamisen guitar play and more.

One of the largest drum festivals in Japan. A number of drum player groups gather at Narita Shinshoji Temple and show their powerful drumming performance. 

A large food festival held at Hibiya Park near the Imperial Palace in Central Tokyo. About 60 restaurants from Hokkaido to Okinawa join in this event and offer their signature dishes cooked with fresh seafood, meat, and vegetables locally produced in Japan. Signature dishes sold at their food stalls include Shushi and Ramen, offered at reasonable price.

People in traditional Japanese dress and in Samurai costume parade along streets. Dance performance is also held in Shakuji-koen Park.

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