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Doll Market at Nihonbashi Ningyocho Town | Nov. 3 - 5. 2022

Ningyocho 人形町 (means doll town) in Nihonbashi is a commercial and cultural district with a 400-year history back to Edo period, flourished with Kabuki theaters and Japanese puppet shows. During the Ningyouichi doll market, many stalls line along Ningyocho Street.

Mashiko Autumn Pottery Market (Toukiichi) | Nov. 3 - 7. 2022

More than 500 pottery stalls will take place at this market and sell various types of potteries; teacups, rice bowls and Ramen bowls, designed in a traditional or modern Japanese style. Walking around the market to find your favourite will be fun.

Oshijo Castle Jidai Festival | Nov. 13. 2022

Held at the park of Oshijo 忍城, a small but historic castle in Gyoda city, features a parade of people in samurai warrior costumes. The highlight is the performance of harquebusiers. 

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