Events in Japan

October - 10 : Jyu-gatsu

Events in Japan

Hibiya Gardening Show | Oct. 22. - 30. 2022

A gardening exhibition at Hibiya Park in Tokyo, will hold various events; gardening competition, flower arrangement workshop, outdoor activity experiences and more. Admission is free.

Tokyo Market Meat Festival | Canceled

This annual event in 2022 is canceled

The food festival will take place at Tokyo Meat Market in Shinagawa, Tokyo. The festival's specialties in this year are meat products from Iwate prefecture. You will be able to sample Tonkatsu and Yakiniku.

TOILET TOKYO | Oct. 26 - 28. 2022

The exhibition to present cutting-edge technologies and materials used in all kinds of toilet equipment; toilets for nursing care, portable toilets used in a time of disaster, and stylishly designed bathroom amenities.

TASTE of TOKYO Ajiwai Festa 2022 | Oct. 28 - 30. 2022

Come and enjoy fresh, quality food from Tokyo. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will hold this event to discover the diverse charms of "agriculture" and "food" in Tokyo through tasting and experiencing dishes prepared by world-class restaurants and chefs.

Yokosuka Curry Fes. | Oct. 29 - 30. 2022

This local food event featuring Japanese curry dishes will take place in Yokosuka, Kanagawa prefecture. Japanese curry is a signature food of Yokosuka since it has been served at the Yokosuka navy base. During the event, about 20 curry stalls will serve their specials.

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