Events in Japan

October - 10 : Jyu-gatsu

Events in Japan

Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine Festival | Oct.20-21 2018

A two-day festival that will transport you back in time to the traditional aesthetic streets of Edo-period Japan

Tokyo Heritage Weeks (Tokyo Bunkazai Week) | Oct.27 - Nov.4 2018

Tokyo Heritage Weeks (Tokyo Bunkazai Week 東京文化財ウィーク) is a special time for Tokyo citizens, letting them have an opportunity to get closer to the cultural heritage retained in Tokyo and to understand the importance of the preservation of such heritage.

Tokyo Market Meat Festival | Oct. 13 - 14. 2018

The food festival will take place at Tokyo Meat Market in Shinagawa, Tokyo. The festival's specialties in this year are meat products from Miyazaki prefecture. You will be able to sample Shabu-Shabu and Tonkatsu.

Tokyo International Film Festival | Oct.25-Nov.3 2018

The Only FIAPF-Accredited International Film Festival in Japan

Nanso Satomi Samurai Festival | Oct. 20. 2018

The festival includes Samurai parade and performances at the beach.

Japan Robot Week 2018 | Oct.17-19 2018

The Exhibition Specialized in Service Robots and Robot-Related Technologies

CEATEC JAPAN | Oct.15-18 2019

One of the largest CPS/IoT Exhibition in Japan held at Makuhari Messe.
CEATEC JAPAN looks to a future society suffused with information, ushering in a new industrial revolution driven by data.

Tsukemen Ramen Competition | Oct.3. - Nov.4. 2019

The largest food festival featuring Tsukemen (dipping) Ramen will take place at Okubo-koen in Shinjuku. During the festival, visitors can enjoy Tsukemen Ramen of 100 famous restaurants across Japan.