Events in Japan

October - 10 : Jyu-gatsu

Events in Japan

Oedo Mikoshi Competition Festival | Oct.7 2018

A large event for traditional festival performances. Mikoshi (portable Shinto shrines) and the groups of bearers across Tokyo area will take part and show their performance.

Tokyo International Film Festival | Oct.25-Nov.3 2018

The Only FIAPF-Accredited International Film Festival in Japan

AUTUMN GINZA | Oct.17 - Nov.3 2018

A lineup of events to experience the tradition and the culture of Ginza; an open-air tea ceremony, the Diners Club’s Ginza Restaurant Week, Kid's Kabuki, and walking tours to visit temples and shrines in Ginza.

Oeshiki Festival at Ikegami Honmonji Temple | Oct.11-13 2018

Oeshiki is a Buddhist memorial service held on the anniversary of the holy priest Nichiren’s death.

Hello Halloween PUMPKIN PARADE | Oct. 28(Sun) 2018

A Halloween event held at Harajuku. More than 1000 kids in a costume will parade on the Omotesando Street.

Hibiya Gardening Show | Oct. 20 - 28 2018

A gardening exhibition at Hibiya Park in Tokyo, will hold various events; gardening competition, flower arrangement workshop, outdoor activity experiences and more. Admission is free.

Nihonbashi-Kyobashi Festival (Oedo Kakki Parade) | Oct.28 2018

This festival takes place in Nihonbashi and Kyobashi area near JR Tokyo Station, includes a large parade with some three thousand people, making their way down Chuo Dori Street.

Tokyo Heritage Weeks (Tokyo Bunkazai Week) | Oct.27 - Nov.4 2018

Tokyo Heritage Weeks (Tokyo Bunkazai Week 東京文化財ウィーク) is a special time for Tokyo citizens, letting them have an opportunity to get closer to the cultural heritage retained in Tokyo and to understand the importance of the preservation of such heritage.